• Outstanding Turf Care
    Maintaining the highest quality lawns and gardens in the south west.

We offer a complete lawn and garden service specialising in large domestic and small to large commercial properties.

With over thirty-five years of greenkeeping experience, we utilise the latest technology and equipment to implement our turf management programmes.

Our expertise in identifying pests, diseases and other turf issues will ensure we are able to diagnose and treat problem areas in your lawns quickly and accurately. We pride ourselves on presenting lawns and gardens to the highest possible standard.

Experience, Knowledge & Attention to Detail

Why employ a qualified and experienced horticulturist in place of an ordinary mowing or gardening service? Mark has a horticultural certificate in green keeping as well as 35 years of on the job training and experience. We only employ qualified or in-training horticulturists to work on your lawn.

Your lawn and garden is the first thing people will notice when they visit your property. It is a reflection of your fine aesthetic values and it’s too important to trust to just anyone.

Dedicated to producing the highest quality outdoor areas, which reflect the excellence you seek to present to the public. We have many customers who have worked hard to create an outstanding, high end commercial property and expect their lawns and gardens to meet their exacting requirements.

Let's Discuss Your Garden

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