Do you want a garden to spend time in? A garden to relax in? Maybe lie in a hammock stretched between trees. Maybe share a beer, wine or a cup of tea with friends. Or play with the children?

Perhaps you want a garden to look at? A pleasant, calming outlook for your restaurant patrons. A stretch of peaceful green to view from the windows. Screening hedges to protect your privacy. Trees to frame a magnificent ocean or valley view?

Mark and Kate of Dunsborough Turf Management have been designing and installing lawns and gardens for over 35 years.

Most landscape designers will use plants which are easy and cheap to obtain because they are currently “on-trend”. The nursery industry should not be able to dictate your tastes to you.  Don’t allow yourself to be talked into a garden which is sterile, bland, colourless and identical to every other garden. There are many options for beautiful, easy care and water wise gardens so have some faith in your taste and tell us how you REALLY want your garden to feel and look.

We are great listeners and will do our utmost to design the garden you really want.

Let's Discuss Your Garden

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