Dunsborough Turf Management has a three point linkage tractor mounted roller mower with a collection bin. This is specialised turf equipment pulled by a tractor with turf tyres.  The clipping bin can be hydraulically tipped into a stockpile or into a trailer for removal from site. 

Leaving clippings on the lawn surface, like many ride-on tractor mowers, has a detrimental effect on lawn health by increasing thatch build up and thereby reducing water penetration.  Our mower can leave a lawn clean and able to make more efficient use of the available water, thereby reducing your on-going costs.

Our three point linkage tractor mounted fertilizer spreader means we are able to fertilize large areas quickly and with an even coverage.

Complete Lawn & Garden Service

  • Turf installation
  • Verti Mowing & Coring
  • New Lawns and Gardens
  • Garden maintenance
  • Landscape design
  • Reticulation
  • Turf consultancy
  • Rural pasture management
  • Large area mowing specialists
  • Organic, Eco-friendly and Water Wise

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